Activist shames texting drivers with billboard photos

photo courtesy Twitspotting

ABC NEWS- Between Oprah Winfrey's No Phone Zone Pledge and the U.S. Department of Labor's anti-distracted driving initiative, there have been numerous attempts to stop people from texting at the wheel. But the latest method uses public shaming to humiliate offenders.

Photos featuring distracted drivers who were caught using their phones with their eyes off the road are plastered on 11 billboards across the Bay Area of San Francisco for four weeks each, but they can be viewed now on the Texting While in Traffic (TWIT) website.

Anybody can post pictures of distracted drivers, and even though the effort is called Texting While in Traffic, users are encouraged to submit images of people eating or applying makeup as well.

A graphic designer named Brian Singer created the website with the goal of putting an end to distracted driving by leveraging community involvement and documenting violations, in the hope of raising awareness to the cause.

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