Active meth lab discovered in Myrtle Beach building

An apartment building at 609 4th Avenue North was evacuated while crews worked a "shake and bake" methamphetamine lab, according to Captain David Knipes, with Myrtle Beach police.

The Myrtle Beach Fire Department HAZMAT crew was dispatched to the building.

They say the drug was found in a large Gatorade bottle, around 32 ounces.

"It's an easier version of a more sophisticated meth lab where you know all the ingredients are thrown into one pot," said Dean Bishop with the Myrtle Beach Police Drug Enforcement Unit.

Three men were taken into custody, according to a field agent with the Drug Enforcement Unit.

Amos Darwin Martin, III, 31, Kurt Francis Bennett, 40, and David Scott Sheehan, 47 have been charged with Manufacture and Possession of Narcotics.

Agents say all three lived in the apartment, but landlord Bill Gergosky says only one of them was on the lease for that apartment.

"The apartment was rented to David Scott Sheehan," said Gergosky in a phone interview.

Police arrested one of the suspects Monday morning during a traffic stop. DEU then found a second suspect in the apartment. DEU officers found an ID in the apartment that led them to the third arrest.

Complaints in the neighborhood led police to the apartment. Neighbor Clara Johnson said she saw suspicious activity often around the apartment building.

"Well we noticed a lot of different things, traffic going in and out more than usual," said Johnson.

The scene has been declared safe and tenants were allowed to return to the building.

But Gergosky says Sheehan will not be a tenant much longer.

"Actually we've filed an eviction, well the paperwork is filled out, it'll be filed tomorrow," said Gergosky.