Achooo! Flu season starting earlier in South Carolina

The winter season has blown into South Carolina and it brought along a rise in flu cases.

"About six weeks ago we started seeing an uptick in the number of cases of the flu," said Dr. Edward King, with Conway Medical Center.

This year the Centers for Disease Control reports South Carolina has a widespread status for the flu.

Dr. King said he is seeing more cases earlier in the year, as well.

"December, 18 percent of our cases have been flue like cases, respiratory ailment, fever, chills, and November was ten percent. So we've seen a pretty significant increase," said King.

If you have the flu, Dr. King advises you to wash your hands regularly, cover you cough, and don't put yourself in popular places where you can spread the disease.

However, the main thing Dr. King advises to prevent the flu is a flu shot.

"The primary thing is to be immunized for the flu, it doesn't totally prevent it, but it doesn't cause the flu," said King.