A memorial run to remember Conway plane crash victims

It was a memorial on wheels Saturday as dozens of motorcyclists and motorists took part in memorial run for the three people who lost their lives in a Conway plane crash in August.

James Major, 39, of Conway, Kenneth Piuma, 42, of Myrtle Beach and Donald Dale Becker, 16, of Conway were honored during the run.

"This event is to help to continue the legacy of all three of these men who gave so much of who they were when they were alive. We want to be able to give to people as they did," said Kara Stilley, who was Kenneth 'Ken' Piuma's girlfriend and one of the event organizers.

Aside from honoring the men through photographs and special sentiments, the mission of this memorial run was to raise money for different charities on their behalf.

All of the money raised will be divided between three unique charities, which includes Donnie's Memorial Fund, the Local Alzheimer's Association, and Boston Terrier Rescue of SC.

Many of those who came to the event to raise the money were not just family and friends of the victims, they were people from the community who didn't know the victims, and came for financial and emotional support.

"After something like this, the families feel alone and this just sort of lets them know that there are people out there to help," said John Mcquain, who read about the memorial run in the newspaper.

Organizers of the event told WPDE NewsChannel 15 that they plan to make this an annual event.