A duffle bag that makes your gym clothes smell better?

Eddie McKenzie of Chesterfield County is the transportation director for the Darlington County School District but in his spare time, he's an inventor.

His two daughters, who play several sports, gave him inspiration to design a duffle bag that eliminates odors and dampness from gym clothes.

"The girl's athletic equipment , shoes and stuff, would stink so I observe my wife in the laundry room. She would actually cut on a fan if something was damp before she put it in the laundry," said McKenzie.

McKenzie did a little research with his 12-year-old son and says they found out that heat, dampness and darkness are the ingredients for bacteria to grow and that's what creates the odor.

So McKenzie invented the McKenzie ScentFan Duffle.

The built-in fan system dries the clothes, sucks out the bad smell, and infuses the clothes with fragrance from a dryer sheet, according to McKenzie.

A built-in cigarette lighter, with an AC adapter, operates the fan. The product uses low voltage and McKenzie says it's UL approved.

A friend told him about an invention contest sponsored by Walmart. He sent in an infomercial and the retail giant selected his invention to compete with 4,000 others in its national contest called, Get On The Shelf.

His product has been featured on CNN Money and Yahoo Finance.

"We're excited just trying to get it out there," McKenzie said.

He needs your vote to win the competition. The contest is all about the inventor who gets the most votes.

You can log onto {<}{>} to vote by texting or using facebook. Voting ends April 3rd.

He says a shipment of his duffle bags will be in around May, and he already has a list of people lined up to buy them.