A community comes together to buy a man a new home

      Bob Granata's Conway home was destroyed while

      he was

      trying to take down a tree in the yard with neighbors in August.

      Granata's friends and church family rallied around him and decided to help him get a new home.

      They started Bob's House for Bucks and just six months later they've almost accomplished their goal.



      t's a new beginning, it's a new start," said Granata.

      Granata was surrounded by friends as they broke ground on his new house Saturday morning.

      "We have a plan, we have a building permit, we've removed the old mobile home which was a big task in and of itself. So we're ready to start building," said friend, Clint Hardwick.

      They've almost raised their goal of $20,000


      but they're still short.

      Click this link if you would like to donate. Make sure to list the donation is for Bob's home.