A 32 pound chocolate egg is uniting the Grand Strand baking community

This is a 32 pound chocolate egg at HGTC. (Summer Dashe/WPDE)

This is a story that will crack you up.

The egg-cellent bakers over at Horry Georgetown Technical College have laid a giant chocolate egg and we had no trouble hunting for it!

Lunchtime at The Myrtle Beach International Culinary Institute is busy. You'll find friends coming together over food and over the artwork in the hallway.

"Is that a real chocolate egg?" A woman asked as she walked the hallway.

Two men stopped to look at it. One guessed it weighed 75 to 80 pounds, while the other guessed at least 50.

Two women stopped to look at it. One guessed it weighed 200 pounds, while the other guessed at least 125.

It's only 32 pounds of hollow, sculpted chocolate.

"Get out," Nancy Bowen, exclaimed. "We were really very off!"

The task is no over easy. It took chef's four hours to make, plus six hours of drying time.

"We paint it on with paintbrushes in layers," Chef Geoff Blount explained.

The over-sized egg molds have gotten more use than you might think.

"Whether they're that size or others, roughly about 250 over the last 25 years," Chef Geoff said.

It's creator's love for the egg was as over-sized as the piece itself.

"It's like the egg kind of signifies the birth of like the new pastry scene that we're trying to grow here," he explained.

It was hatched out of the need for community among a small flock of local pastry chefs.

"I mean, I don't even think we all knew each other existed in the same town," he said.

As a sort of group project, the chefs were whisked together along with some students to create "Nested Egg in Chocolate."

"It was a chance for us to share techniques and skills," he said.

Who knew a chocolate egg could carry such weight?

All of this is leading up to The Myrtle Beach International Culinary School launching the first baking and pastry art degree program in South Carolina this August.

If you want to check out the massive, candy, egg, it'll be on display in the foyer at HGTC's Culinary School until Monday. That's when the chefs plan to scramble it (destroy it).

There is one other massive egg on display at Grand Dunes, too.

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