95-year-old WWII veteran working at Dillard's prepares for Honor Flight

Later this month, another Honor Flight will take off from Myrtle Beach, heading to Washington D.C. and you can expect to see Ted Ross, a 95-year-old silver star recipient who hasn't let anything slow him down, on board.

Ross, even at 95, works about 20 hours a week at the Myrtle Beach Dillard's store.

Ted has been a faithful employee at Dillard's since the store opened at Coastal Grand Mall ten years ago, and at the age of 95, he shows few signs of slowing down.

"Otherwise, I'd be sitting on a rocking chair, rotting away. So,here I am 95, my goal is 100 and by that time, I'll probably get a pension," Ross said.

It's been nearly 70 years and a few thousand miles away where he fought in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II.

In that battle, three troops, A, B, and C advanced ahead of Ted's unit, and lost contact with the other soldiers.

Ted and another man were assigned to sneak through heavy German troop movement to contact the C troop and lead them back.

"We lost the Jeep, but we, the last 200 yards, we were able to go into this little bit of a town and make contact with the C troop," said Ross.

Most of the A and B troops died or became prisoners of war, but 400 soldiers in the C troop were saved, earning him the Silver Star.

Ted has seen the World War II memorial in Washington, but has never been on an honor flight and he's looking forward to it. He says he'll find out a few things on the trip that he doesn't know.

After the war, Ted got married, had three daughters, two grandchildren and a successful career in corporate sales.

Ted's wife of 61 years passed away in 2007 and today, when he's not working, he spends time visiting his children.