911 calls released from CCU deadly shooting

Confusion and panic marked the 911 calls from the scene of Tuesday's murder of a Coastal Carolina University student.

Recordings of the calls have been released from the night Anthony Liddell, 19, from Bennettsville, died from the shooting at University Place apartments.

The autopsy shows the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the chest.

But the calls reveal the confusion that night, as a dispatcher attempts to find out exactly where Liddell was shot and one caller tries to sort it out.

"He was shot in the back?" the dispatcher asked one caller.

"Yeah, he's laying on the ground now, applying pressure to the back where the bullet is," the caller responded.

There was also uncertainty about the shooter and they had trouble describing the car some witnesses saw leaving the scene.

The dispatcher asked one caller if anyone had seen the shooting.

"Nope, nobody, they just saw a white car driving away," the caller responded. "Somebody said a grey, black, I don't know."

At first, some witnesses were ready to put Liddell into a car and take him to the hospital themselves, but then decided against

"He's right here, he's right here," the caller said.

"OK, just stay on the line with me, honey, everybody's on the way," the dispatcher said.

"The ambulance is on the way!"

Police continue to work toward making an arrest in the case. Horry County solicitor Jimmy Richardson told WPDE NewsChannel 15 he reviewed the case with CCU Police and State Law Enforcement Division agents Thursday.

He says they're making great progress, but have yet to issue a warrant.

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