9/11 anniversary marked on Grand Strand

This flag was found by a FDNY firefighter in the rubble of the 9/11 attacks. It was displayed at Dead Dog Saloon during Friday's 9/11 ceremony. The firefighter is now retired. HIs mission from the fire department- to keep and guard the flag. / Cam Murray

It's a day of remembrance for the terrorist attacks that occurred eight years ago on this date. The Grand Strand marked the September 11th anniversary with flag displays and patriotic salutes.

There were musical tributes, fundraisers for American heroes and most of all, many, many flags. All to remember a day that was indeed very tragic, but also brought the whole country together.

In a 9/11 tradition, members of the Lions Club in Conway lined the Main Street bridge Friday morning, holding flags high, as passing motorists wave and cheer. This is the fourth year they've done it, and members say it's their way of saying, never forget. "I'm just thankful that people do remember and in a way, it unites us," said Rev. Marion Brazell.

It's a lonelier task for David McGee, who displays his flag all alone on a Highway 31 overpass each September 11th - not as part of any civic club or veterans group event, but just because it feels right. "I do it to remind me and everyone who sees my flag to remember and never forget what a bunch of organized terrorists will do if we let our guard down."

At the Dead Dog Saloon in Murrells Inlet, live music, an auction and a raffle were highlighted a fundraising event for local police and firefighters. The crowd included an immigrant from Brazil, who says America is the best country in the world, and she'll always remember the day it was attacked. "It hurts every time you stop to think about it, and it hurts more on 9-11, because you make it special, a day for a special prayer for the families who lost so much," said Alina Majka, Philadelphia.

Majka says it's what Americans do, we love those whom we lose, and want to remember them forever. "Never forget, never ever forget, no," said Majka.