7th Congressional Candidates debate in Myrtle Beach

7th District Congressional debate in Myrtle Beach Thursday night/Taylor Williams

You can watch the debate in its entirety in the video box above.

The Republican candidates for the newly formed 7th Congressional District took to the stage Thursday night to debate many of the issues discussed in their campaign platforms.

All nine Republican candidates were on stage for the debate tonight. Those candidates are Andre Bauer, Renee Culler, Katherine Jenerette, Jay Jordan, Jim Mader, Chad Prosser, Tom Rice, Randal Wallace, and Dick Withington.

The debate was held at the Myrtle Beach High School Auditorium. It was a lively debate in front of a vocal audience. Some of the topics discussed included I 73, healthcare, and spending cuts.


he debate became very lively when the candidates who have not pulled strong poll numbers or big fundraising dollars wanted to make sure their voices were heard.


bout an hour into the debate several candidates lashed out when they felt they weren't given enough time to talk about the issues

. At one point, J

Mader even brought out chairs for those candidates to sit in. The audience then joined in and booed when certain candidates spoke. But by the end of the debate things calmed down a bit, and all candidates were given the opportunity to make their last pitch to voters.