70 year old double murder case to be revisited in court

The Clarendon County Clerk of Court's Office says a hearing on a motion for a new trial for George Stinney, Jr.,14, will take place January 21 at the Sumter County Courthouse Tuesday morning.

This isn't your ordinary request for a new trial. Stinney was convicted and put to death by the electric chair on June 16, 1944 for the murders of two girls ages 7 and 11 in the Alcolu community of Clarendon County.

Their bodies were found on March 24,1944.

Civil rights leaders say Stinney confessed but was coerced. The trial lasted two and a half hours without testimony from Stinney or anyone on his behalf.

They believe he was wrongly convicted and deserves a new trial.

This case has gained national attention, and civil rights leaders say they've gathered support from people across the country.

We will keep you updated on what happens following Tuesday's hearing.