34th Annual Atlantic Beach Bikefest in full swing

The sounds of roaring engines have taken over Atlantic Beach once again and the crowds lining the streets couldn't more excited to be there.

"Everybody is always warm, charming, inviting, that's why we come back," explained biker Lynn Williams.

Atlantic Beach officials said as of Saturday, there are 65 vendors: 15 more than there were last year. They explained that a big reason for that is that they've decreased vendor fees from last year.

A big number of those are food vendors, filling the streets with delicious smells and enticing visitors to stop in and have a bite.

'Dre's Place' is one of those places. It's a food truck run by Andre Bullock and his wife, Pat. They've been coming and feeding thousands of hungry bikers and non-bikers alike for nine years. "Just being in the environment of the motorcycles is the most wonderful thing youever want to be in," Bullock explained.

In a typical year, the Bullock's will come down nearly a week beforethe festival kicks off, leaving plenty of time to smoke the perfect barbecue.

"We start usually the day of or the day before in the morning time because we cook freshfood every single day so I like to come in early in the morning and get fresh ribs on like we're doing now, get the fresh smoke turkey legs on, smoke them ourself," Bullock added.

The Bullock's do everything from ribs to chicken but we found out they've got another secret weapon: their bakes beans, which they say are made with some secret ingredients.

"It's really a trademark secret but we'll share it with tv land. Our baked beans are very unique, we put ground beef in them, bell peppers and onions and then we kick it up a notch and add pineapples. So we give you a little extra sweetness to keep you coming back," Bullock said. "That's where the uniqueness and the taste and the flavor in it and it's just like ooo-wee."

Of course with Bikefest comes traffic which is why for those leaving the beach on Monday, Highway Patrol is asking bikers and motorists to try and use Highway 22 instead of Highway 501 to avoid congestion.