$333,000 litter program in full-effect in Horry County

Horry Countyâ??s $333,000 litter program has been underway for more than one month now.

The money for the program went into effect on July 1, and goes towards hiring employees who will pick-up trash along major highways more regularly, including Hwy. 501.

The money for the program comes from that stateâ??s accommodations tax and from the general fund.

Not only is the county working towards a cleaner community, but volunteer clean-up crews have been working to eliminate trash from trouble spots for weeks.

Local community groups say all of these forces together have contributed to a cleaner community and a better litter index rating, which is a way to visibly measure how much trash there is in an area.

â??We are improving each litter index significantly, so that's letting us know that the volunteer efforts are working and now that the county is kicking in with full time staff we are expecting a big improvement in our litter index scores,â?? said Keep Horry County Beautiful Chairman Bo Ives.

Horry County's Public Safety Committee will meet Monday afternoon to give a roadside litter update.