200 new jobs bound for Marion County

Essex Holdings plans to locate in Marion County and bring with it more than 200 jobs, according to Marion County Administrator Tim Harper.

This an historic job announcement for Marion County, according to Marion County Economic Development Director Rodney Berry.

"This is the largest initial investment ever to land in Marion County," said Berry.

More information about the international company will be released Wednesday afternoon at a news conference at the Economic Development Office on Guyton Road.

Governor Nikki Haley is expected to be in attendance for the official announcement.

Berry says the company is great and well respected in the business world.

"This is the one we've been waiting on," Berry said.

Marion County has steadily lost thousands of manufacturing jobs since Russell Stover closed its door in 2000. The county consistently ranks in the top five of the state in unemployment rates.

Officials say the new jobs and other prospects in the works will help to turn around things in Marion County.