200 cyclists helped kick off 2017 ServeFLO

ServeFLO is a week long initiative put on by Helping Florence Flourish to improve Florence with community involvement (WPDE)

Saturday marked the start of second annual ServeFLO.

It's a week long initiative put on by Helping Florence Flourish to improve Florence with community involvement.

Two hundred cyclists kicked off ServeFLO with the Downtown Roll and Cycling Festival. The group of cyclists rolled around Downtown Florence.

"The downtown area is becoming a vital piece of our community and we're celebrating what's going on down there too," Chris Handley, team leader with Helping Florence Flourish, said.

What started as a fundraising long distance cycling ride, turned into a whole community event.

"We had a cyclist that was from Hartsville that was hit by a car and killed and we wanted to, as cyclists, we wanted to promote cycling safety. We want to promote our downtown, we want to promote community involvement," Janet Brand, a Downtown Roll and Cycling Festival organizer, said.

Helping Florence flourish aims to make visuals positive changes in the city by bringing the community together.

"The four areas of concern that helping Florence flourish have are homelessness, education, family restoration and maybe most importantly racial bridging," Handley said. "So building awareness and getting involved together to do something about those issues."

There's about 20 community churches & 500 people involved with the week long initiative.

"The movement of helping Florence flourish is beginning to get traction and people are seeing that doing things together is the best way to do it," Handley said

The money raised Saturday went to the Presbyterian Agency for the Developmentally Disabled (PADD) There are ServeFLO events all around Florence until June 25th. For a list of all events please click here.

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