2 NYC buildings collapse, 2 dead, others missing

Emergency workers at the scene of an explosion that leveled two apartment buildings in the East Harlem neighborhood of New York. / AP photo

NEW YORK (AP) - Rescue workers haven't yet been able to venture into the rubble of two apartment buildings in New York's East Harlem neighborhood to look for additional victims of an explosion that brought down the two five-story buildings this morning.

Two women are confirmed dead, with more than 20 people injured. And authorities say more than a dozen are missing -- but they're not sure how many of them may have been in the apartment buildings when the explosion took place.

A tenant says residents had complained repeatedly in recent weeks about "unbearable" gas smells. But the utility Con Edison says it hadn't heard of any issues with the gas until this morning, shortly before the explosion.

One man says the explosion destroyed everything his family owned. He's assuming his five-year-old terrier was killed.