15th annual surfoff underway in Surfside Beach

Surfers are right in the middle of the 15th Annual Guy Daniels Memorial Surfoff, which wraps up on Sunday.

"I got semifinals today and then I got maybe finals tomorrow," explained Cam Davis, a 10-year-old surfer in the competition.

Davis is just one of nearly 170 surfers at the surfoff. The competition has seen a huge increase in the number of participants from last year, up 50 from 120 in 2013.

The reason for this increase is due to organizers moving the surfoff up two weeks earlier than in previous years, explained Mikey Pruitt, Co-Director of the Guy Daniel Memorial Foundation.

"This year we decided that we should try to get the contest a little earlier in the year just so we could capture the visitors to our area. We have a lot of tourists that come and stay, and our plan was to capture some of their attention and get them to have a good time along with us," he said.

For Davis, that good time doesn't usually happen until he actually starts to surf, when nervousness transforms to excitement and adrenaline. "When I get in the water it all goes away."

The event is also a learning process for up and coming surfers like Daniels but also an event that remembers the life of one as well.

Guy Daniels was a gifted surfer himself who died in 1999 of a heart condition at the age of 19.

Through his foundation and the surf competition, students have received more than $60,000 in scholarships so far.

"Kids that are really motivated to do something in their community, in their lives or with their family and those kids need a chance. Some of them just need help and I hope our $1,000 helps, and we want to eventually give more," Pruitt explained.

This year, ten students will receive scholarships through the foundation. The surfoff continues Sunday at 13th Avenue South in Surfside Beach.