14-year-old arrested for trying to sell marijuana

Horry County police arrested a 14-year-old at Black Water Middle School for Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute on March 1.

A parent told the assistant principal her son got a text message from the 14-year-old saying he had marijuana he wanted to sell and he would bring it to school.

When the 14-year-old was questioned, police say he admitted to sending text messages, but didn't have any marijuana.

A search of his locker found a vitamin bottle in his bookbag containing what appeared to be marijuana.

Police say the boy then admitted to bringing it to school to sell to try to help his mother with her bills.

The teen told police he bought the pot for $80 from a student named Jack in a Myrtle Beach area school.

The 14-year-old was suspended from school pending an expulsion hearing.

The results of those hearings are confidential.