103 days in the making, a Conway teen comes home

On Tuesday, a special homecoming was held for Wesley Baker, a 17-year-old rising senior at Conway High School who was severely injured in early July. He was hit by a truck while crossing Highway 701.

This was the first time Wesley had returned to his home in nearly four months.

More than a month ago, Wesley was admitted to Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina to help him regain his cognitive and physical abilities.

"As they would try to get him to do different things in therapy, he would try so hard, his whole body would shiver. He's a hard working young man, and we're so proud of him," said Wesley's uncle Gary Smith, who stayed with Wesley the entire time he was rehabbed.

The progress he made in such a short period of time at the hospital came as a shock to the Baker family.

Wesley's sister Katelyn admitted she thought he would return home around Christmas.

According to his mother Debbie, Wesley's physical progress includes being able to open and close his hands, give thumbs-up and he is also able to consume soft foods like applesauce and ice cream.

As Wesley continues his progress, the Baker family knows that Wesley's fight is far from over.

Tuesday's homecoming marks another part of his journey in his ultimate full-recovery.

"Just because he's coming home, doesn't mean I stop praying for him, because we want him talking and walking," said Wesley's sister Katelyn.

On Thursday, Wesley will begin treatment at another rehabilitation center in Murrells Inlet. The Baker family says they are very optimistic Wesley will recover fully.

In the meantime, the Baker's will continue to post Wesley's progress to his Facebook Prayer Chain Page, which has more than 10,000 followers now.