10-year-old golf prodigy gets ready for World Am

Thousands of golfers come to Myrtle Beach to compete in the World Am golf tournament, but this year there'll be one very young player who's guaranteed to get a lot of attention..

Kayla Parsons, 10, plays golf 5 to 6 times a week. Her coach, Tom Garber, is by her side.

"I truly believe she's going to be a future LPGA star. I think she's really being fashioned for that. She's got it.. she absolutely has that swing," he said.

Aside from driving the ball 197 yards, favoring a gap wedge, collecting these head covers and sporting those Paula Cramer sunglasses, Kayla's your typical fifth grader.

She loves to go to the water park, play with her friends, and go to the beach.

In 2007, Kayla wanted to try something different. Ed Parsons, Kayla's dad tells the story. "She wanted a set of heelies and we said it was either the set of heelies or the golf clubs, and she said, 'Ahhh, I'll take the golf clubs.'"

Kayla's parents hope her golf skills will lead to a scholarship.

Kayla says the only downfall to golf at her age... she's not old enough to drive the cart.

The World Am starts Monday.

Click on the video player to see Kayla's swing and get her full story.