Too much barking?

Is there too much barking at Surfside Beach's dog park?

Council briefly discussed the matter Tuesday night. They decided not to consider taking any action and may revisit the issue down the road.

Some people think the dogs bark too loud and some owners don't pick up after their dogs. They contacted Councilman Randle Stevens who says no one wants the park shut down.

Stevens says, "We're trying to promote good policy with all the folks so that the people who use the dog park are courteous and respectful to the people who live around the dog park."

Existing ordinances in Surfside Beach impose fines for people who don't pick up what their dogs leave behind and whose pets make "long, frequent or continued noise which disturbs the comfort or repose of any person in the vicinity."

Stevens proposed placing signs at the park which would read, "Notice to all dog park patrons, this dog park is located in a residential neighborhood. Please be courteous and respectful to your dog park neighbors. Patrons shall control dog barking and loud noise. Clean up all dog waste and place in containers."