Thad Viers' lawyer wants criminal case dismissed

Thad Viers talking to the media in January, 2012.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 obtained documents concerning the criminal case against former State Representative Thad Viers. They give us information in this case we haven't seen before.

Viers is charged with the harrassment and stalking of an ex-girlfriend, and the document filed by Dylan Goff, his attorney, asks that those charges be dropped.

On December 19, Goff filed a motion for sanctions and a motion to dismiss the case against his client in Horry County.

In the request, Goff states text messages sent by the victim show many inaccuracies in her statements to police. He even asserts the messages could be viewed as a "vindictive and politically motivated plan to destroy Mr. Viers."

In January, Myrtle Beach police charged then-State Rep. Thad Viers with harassing his ex-girlfriend.

In March, he resigned from office, and the next day an Horry County grand jury indicted him on that charge as well as stalking.

By August, the defense had received from Kenard Redmond at the solicitor's office the victim's audio statement.

After reviewing it, Goff filed a motion to dismiss the charges stating the victim was not asked "questions regarding the necessary elements of the stalking charge during her interview and has specifically stated that she never felt threatened by Mr. Viers in any way."

Further, the court document states text messages reveal the victim "only approached police to seek Mr. Viers' arrest at the repeated urging of her new love interest, a man who donated at least $3,000 to Mr. Bauer's campaign."

At the time, former Lt. Governor Andre Bauer was Viers' political opponent in the 7th Congressional District race.

Goff also states "the messages show a continued pattern of financial support from Mr. Viers and contacts with Mr. Viers initiated by the alleged victim, well after she claims to have ordered Mr. Viers to stop contacting her."

A judge has not ruled on this motion.

Goff states in the document, the messages show inappropriate involvement by the Horry County Solicitors Office because the victim was employed by them.

Once Viers was charged, the Fourth Circuit Solicitor took over the case.

Last week, an Horry County grand jury indicted Viers on charges of Burglary and Petit Larceny in connection with an incident at his ex-girlfriend's home March of 2012.

No trial date has been set for Viers. In the meantime, his law license has been suspended.