Ted Vick drops out of 7th Congressional District race

Ted Vick mug shot from his DUI arrest

Ted Vick, a Democratic candidate for the 7th Congressional District, has officially withdrawn from the congressional race, according to a statement from his campaign.

Early Friday, Vick suspended his advertising campaign, according to media buyers LUC Media, after he was arrested on DUI and gun charges Wednesday.

LUC Media says they were notified by a campaign consultant for Ted Vick that they were to pull the commercials from area television stations. Although an original email to WPDE stated that Vick was ending his campaign, a follow up call to LUC Media determined that he was just suspending the advertising campaign.

Vick was scheduled to appear at Bazen's Restaurant in Florence for a meet and greet with 30 senior citizens at 9am Friday morning but he never showed up.

At the event, State Representative Terry Alexander, Vick's campaign co-chair, said Vick had not made any decisions to withdraw from the race.

Around Noon Friday, his campaign made it official and he released the following statement:

"After spending time with my family, my pastor and my friends, I have decided to end my campaign for the United States Congress.

While I have full confidence that the legal system will clear much of this up, it will not change the fact that I made some serious mistakes that I alone am responsible for. I realize that I have caused pain to those who love and support me and it's my responsibility to make this right.

Now is the time to allow the legal system to work, time for me to concentrate on my family and time for me to focus on the needs of my State House constituents.

I look forward to spending more time at home with my family and constituents. I will humbly seek re-election to the State House in November. If re-elected I will continue to work across party aisles to seek consensus and progress."

According to a police report, Rep. Ted Vick, 39, was driving 44 mph in a 35 mph zone on Devine Street in Columbia around 1 a.m. Wednesday.

Vick is charged with speeding, DUI, and unlawful carry of a pistol. He was released from jail on bond on Thursday.