Senator says CIA conduct may be criminal

One senator says "people should go to jail" if the charges of CIA interference with the work of a Senate committee are true.

Republican Lindsey Graham is reacting to charges today from Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who chairs the Intelligence Committee. She says the CIA removed documents and searched a computer network that had been set up at a CIA facility in Virginia to be used by lawmakers looking into the possible use of torture during terror investigations.

Each side in the dispute is asking for the Justice Department to investigate the other. And Feinstein says the CIA's request for an investigation could be an effort to "intimidate" her committee's staff as it investigates the interrogation methods.

CIA Director John Brennan is rejecting Feinstein's accusations. He insists the agency is not trying to thwart the work of the committee, and he denies that it had been spying on the panel or on the Senate. Brennan says the appropriate authorities will investigate and determine if there was a violation of the law.

Brennan had told Feinstein in a letter in January that he took responsibility for ordering CIA technicians to audit the computer systems used by the Senate staffers. He said he did so after finding that Senate investigators may have "improperly obtained" sensitive CIA documents.

Before it exploded today into a public clash, the dispute between the CIA and senators had been going on privately for more than five years.

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