Samples wins mayoral race in Surfside Beach

      Surfside Beach town council will have a new look before long.

      According to unofficial results from Tuesday's election, Councilman Doug Samples defeated Mayor Alan Deaton. Samples received 662 votes to Deaton's 215.

      In the race for 3 town council seats it appears incumbent Vikki Blair lost her seat. Newcomer Mary Beth Mabry won a seat.

      According to the town clerk, "If it is determined at the Certification Hearing on Thursday, April 5th at 10:00 a.m., that a runoff election is necessary it appears that Bob Childs, Mark Johnson, and Randle Stevens will be in the runoff for the two remaining council seats."

      Here are the results of the council race:

      John Ard 186

      Vikki Blair (I) 246

      Bob Childs (I) 320

      Ralph Chubb 18

      Mark Johnson (I) 288

      Mary Beth Mabry 492

      Bill McKown 231

      Bill Rempher 88

      Marty Rhoades 153

      Randle Stevens 355