Romney holds campaign rally in Conway

From the beginning of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's rally on Friday, he attacked the Commander in Chief.

"This President has failed the American people, and then, of course, is his failure in regards to the government and the scale of government. He has been racking up deficits over a trillion dollars a year," said Romney in front of several hundred people at Conway's Peanut Warehouse.

"He(Obama) was critical of President Bush for putting in place deficits over 400 billion. He's being doing three times that. He's on track by the end of his first term, his only term, he's on track to amass as much public debt as all of the other presidents combine. It's just inexcusable."

Romney campaigned with U.S. Sen. John McCain and Gov. Nikki Haley during his two stops in South Carolina this week. Thursday, he campaigned with McCain and Haley in Charleston.

"Governor Romney has said he will fight to protect our jobs, and he will be a friend in the White House, which we need to see," said Haley. "The second thing is I told him we can't afford Obama Care. We don't want any mandatory health care. He said it's ok. He said because I'm going to give every state a waiver that doesn't want it, and we are going to repeal Obama Care."

"Let's stack the National Labor Relations Board with union stooges just to make sure they will give states that are right to work the short end of the straw and stop people from being able to build factories like they tried to do Boeing," said Romney when criticizing the President's job creation policies. "That is wrong. We've got to stop it. We've got to turn that around."

While Romney focused heavily on President Obama, he didn't talk about his fellow Republican Presidential nominees.

He left that political battle to McCain.

"When Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House, earmarks exploded. When Rick Santorum sponsored earmark after earmark, I went down to the floor and fought against those," said McCain. "My friends, earmarks are the gateway to corruption. Members of Congress went to jail and I guarantee you this president will fight against it time after time after time after time and we'll stop the waste."

Though both men choose to focus on separate political opponents, there is no political strategy to Romney attacking Obama and McCain attacking Romney's opponents in the Republican Primary, said McCain.

"It's important for people to know that when Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum come here and say, 'I'm a fiscal conservative,' they supported the earmarks which put us in the fiscal ditch that we're in this out of control spending. I think voters need to know that, and they know that from me because I served them. I fought them on the floor of the senate."

After the rally in Conway, Romney's campaign traveled back to New Hampshire to prepare for the state's primary January 10th. Gov. Haley will accompany him.

South Carolina's First in the South Primary will be held on January 21st.

Romney narrowly won the Iowa caucus on Tuesday. He picked up McCain's endorsement on Wednesday and was endorsed by Haley last month.