Rep. Crawford responds to tax charges

A state representative from Florence is out of jail on bond after turning himself him Thursday morning. Dr. Kris Crawford was booked on seven tax charges.

He says he'll be vindicated when he has his day in court. Crawford said he was ready to proceed Thursday, but the State Department of Revenue wasn't ready.

The D.O.R. charged Crawford with four counts of failure to file when due his individual income tax returns for the years 2004-2007. He also faces three counts of failure to file corporate income tax returns for his company, Crawford Medical, LLC for tax years 2005-2007.

In a news release, the D.O.R. says its investigation found Crawford, who is also a medical doctor, was required to file individual income tax returns as a result of having earned income in excess of $1 million.

The investigation found that Dr. Crawford failed to file the required income tax returns when due, despite his accountant's several requests for his tax records.

The D.O.R. says that's also the case with his state corporate income tax returns.

Crawford wholeheartedly denies the accusations. "We provided everything that we were asked for when we were asked. And I think that that'll be the Department of Revenue's problem in this, in that when we discovered this we tried to make everything right as quickly as possible. That's the way we proceed with things and we want to proceed to court as quickly as possible to clear my good name."

Representative Crawford says this won't stop his plans to seek re-election for his District 63 house seat.

The D.O.R. says Crawford could face seven years in prison as well as fines up to $70,000, if convicted.

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