Pottery land sold

A familiar sight along Highway 501 could have a new future. NewsChannel 15 learned that the Old Waccamaw Pottery Outlet Center is sold and many folks are already wondering about its fate. NewsChannel 15 found out a real estate investment company, NextStep Partners LLC, bought the land last week. That's according to the property deed at the Horry County registrar of deeds. It's uncertain right now, what this sale means, but many people hope something will be done to revitalize the space."There's nothing here and it's sad," said Angela Deleon who works at the Spirit Halloween. It's one of only a few stores that remain at the Waccamaw Pottery Outlet Center.Deleon says she remembers the center when it was vibrant, when night didn't appear so scary."It looks like a ghost town."There could there be some big changes soon. One thing's for sure, the property has changed owners. According to the property deed at the Horry County registrar of deeds, a real estate investment company, bought the property last week.Now many people hope the purchase will bring new stores and restaurants to the location. Many say they don't want to see condos or any type of housing, just a place where people can spend and make money."Hope they'll come in and build stores where we can work. That's what I'm looking for," Deleon said.Even though there's excitement for change, some people do worry about traffic, which is something we'll definitely see more of when the center's neighbor, Hard Rock Park, opens in the Spring.The land where the Pottery sits was appraised for more than $35 million back in 2001, but it hasn't been appraised since Hard Rock announced it was building there.