Political expert predicts low turnout for runoff

Voter turnout was low for the primary election on June 12th, and it's expected to be even lower for Tuesday's runoff election.

"It's the old adage of every vote really does count," Associate Dean and Associate Professor of politics at Coastal Carolina University Holley Tankersley said.

In Horry County, only 14.7% of registered voters cast ballots in the June 12th primary election. In Florence county, voter turnout was 18.5%, according to the state election commission. Tankersley says tomorrow's turnout will probably be about 15 % less than that.

"In a normal primary, you would see a turn out around 23 to 25%," she added.

The 7th Congressional district runoff elections are between Republican candidates Andre Bauer and Tom Rice and Democratic candidates Gloria Bromell Tinubu and Preston Brittain.

Monday, we found some voters who had participated in the primary election, but they also said they were disappointed with the low turnout.

"They're not even registered some of them. They don't realize I mean its important, somebody could win by just one vote," Andrew Rosaforte said.

"Your voice needs to be heard, your voice needs to be heard! America is going through a lot of problems and if you don't get up and stand up for your rights they will be taken away from you," James Michael said.

One of the Horry County precincts is changing for this race only. The East Loris precinct will vote at Loris High School, instead of at the Elementary School as you normally would.

To vote in the runoff, you have to vote for the same party as you did in the primary election. If you didn't vote in the primary election two weeks ago, you will have to choose a party. Polls will be open from 7am - 7pm.