Myrtle Beach Tea Party says they faced IRS scrutiny

Joe Dugan, the Chairman of the Board of the Myrtle Beach Tea Party says his group formed in March 2009, filed for nonprofit 501 (c) (4) status later that year or in early 2010, then received eight pages of questions from the Internal Revenue Service in February 2012.

"It's eight pages of egregious questions that they want to know everything about you," Dugan says of the letter the MBTP received from the IRS. Questions about group members and about all aspects of how the organization operates.

Dugan says, "there's no organization in the world that can intimidate people as well as the IRS," and he says the questions led to some members leaving the MBTP. "They wanted the names of every one of our members. They wanted the names of everyone who had been a sponsor, a donor, and the immediate effect of just those two questions was that people didn't want their names being forwarded to the IRS so they would drop out of the group."

Dugan says he responded to the eight page letter with hundreds of pages in answers.

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