How will Florida's primary effect SC's "we pick presidents" reputation?

The South Carolina Republican Party released final delegate numbers Monday following the January 21, 2012 South Carolina Presidential Primary.

Gingrich won eleven at-large delegates with 40.43% of the vote. Mitt Romney finished second, winning no at large delegates with 27.85% of the vote. Gingrich also won two delegates in each of the following Congressional districts: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. Romney won two delegates by winning the first Congressional district. The total allocation of South Carolina's 25 delegates is as follows: Newt Gingrich 23, Mitt Romney 2.

Some voters think Florida's results will rule out South Carolina's record of picking presidents.

"I think it will negate it and wipe out what we just had basically," Nancy Clune of Carolina Forest says.

"If anything, I think it reinforces the idea that South Carolina needs to be as early in the primary process as possible," says Holley Tankersley, Associate Dean of political science at Coastal Carolina University.

Tankersley adds that Florida is a more diverse state than South Carolina, and voters in Florida are more interested in picking at voting records.

South Carolina has boasted about holding the first in the South Primary for decades, and the South Carolina primary winner has gone on to clinch the party's nomination.

However this year with a different winner in Iowa, New Hampshire, and the Palmetto State, a few wrenches have been thrown into the system.

"There have also been more debates than ever before," she adds.

Even if Romney wins the Florida primary, Tankersly says don't expect speaker Gingrich to bow out.

"He can continue as long as the money is there," she said.