Horry County voter turnout rivals general election turnout

Horry County's Election Commission Chairman Russel Hall says he's been told the turnout at some polling locations is rivaling the turnout from the 2008 general election.

"St. James High School has had lines several times today," Hall said.

"It's been a steady flow, people are taking their time and coming in when they want." says poll clerk Chuck Ottwell at Morrow #2 in Murrells Inlet. "I expect the last hours will be more of the same."

The southern Horry County precinct which poll workers say averages 74 percent voter participation saw a steady rush Saturday morning.

The Murrells Inlet precinct typically has high voter turnout. During November local elections, says the precinct saw 74% turnout.

In the 2008 primary, the South Carolina GOP says turnout was 20.1 percent in Horry County. Hall says almost every polling location has seen more voters. In Myrtle Beach, pole clerk Larry Stafford says there was a line of voters waiting before the location opened at 7:00a.m.

"I think those were just early birds. There are a few every election. We're expecting a steady trickle the rest of the day," Stafford says.