Governor Haley's memoir set for January 3 released

Sentinel, part of the Penguin Group, announced it has acquired a memoir written by South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Sentinel describes itself as publishing a "variety of right-of-center books on subjects like politics, history, public policy, culture, religion and international relations."

The publisher says Haley's book, which will be called "Can't Is Not An Option," will include "untold stories about her unique path to electoral success, as well as her vision for the country and the Republican Party."

Publisher Adrian Zackheim commented in a news release issued Thursday, "Governor Haley has already had a fascinating journey. She's part of an all-American success story - a hardworking immigrant family that overcame great obstacles and proved that the American dream is still possible for anyone. And she is clearly a rising star in national politics."

Haley told the Associated Press, "Since the election, it was amazing the number of people who wanted to know my story, about the challenges of growing up and the challenges of running for office and what got me through it.... It's going to talk about all aspects of my personal life and my political life."