Governor Haley preaches preparedness in Horry County

A tree fell on Governor Haley's SUV Thursday night during a storm. / Courtesy: CNN

Governor Nikki Haley says she's on a mission to make sure our communities are safe should an emergency happen here.

She toured the Horry County Emergency Management Division in Conway.

Hurricane season started this week, but Governor Haley said her administration has been making sure every Emergency Management Division in the state has an updated plan.

The governor ran through a quick drill with Horry County officials to make sure everyone stays on the same page in case of an emergency.

The stop in Conway was Haley's third of the day along the South Carolina coast.

She said she's on this tour to let the public know the state of South Carolina is prepared, but people will also need to help themselves if a storm threatens the state.

Thursday night, a storm swept through Columbia and a tree fell on the governor's mansion and her SUV.

She said situations like that show how important it is for families to be prepared.

"So much happens at that time that the last thing you need to think about is who do we call, where do we go, do we have everything that we need? That is what I don't want families to worry about. We are a family that had to go through it. I know the emotions and the feelings that happens, if that happens. I want every parent to be prepared and secure."

State leaders said a lot of people along the coast have become complacent because it's been a while since we've had a hurricane threaten our state, and they don't want people to start preparing at the last minute.

The governor said a few minutes today could save you hours when you really need them.

The governor also suggested businesses have an emergency plan.

Do you have an emergency plan? Or do you just react when a situation presents itself?