Four years later, are we better off?

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WPDE) - Conventions for both parties have come to a close and each is hoping you'll choose them in November. Political pundits recently asked President Barack Obama's administration if the nation is better off since he took office. The answer is debatable, so we posed that question to voters.

During the recession, the tourism, construction and real estate industries along the Grand Strand took a big hit. According to a recent study, the area has almost completely rebounded in the tourism sector. But that's just one industry, and it doesn't necessarily mean everyone is reaping the benefits. Don Colton, a musician and day trader, says the issue is not clear cut.

"I walk in different ponds, if you will, and see those that are doing well are doing really well and a majority of people are just trying to stay where they were or hopefully get a little bit ahead," he explains. "I'm fortunate to be blessed with a couple different talents, so I can walk in between the rain drops sometimes, if you will, and keep dry."

South Carolina's unemployment rate is still above the national average, and progress has been slow. Jorgina Jiordano and her husband just moved to Horry County from Connecticut, and they're frustrated with the current state of the economy.

"Tried and tried to look for something more than what he has promised us, but majority of all the speeches he's made and everything that in conversation with people I've spoken with, majority has been disappointed or not surprised," Jiordano says.

She'd like to see more help for the unemployed. "For the elderly, with all the medical expenses they have or any kind of professional help they need. The majority of them can't afford it. For the younger generation, they're forced to right out of their high school education to find a job to help the family and a lot of it pushes them back from being able to go to college because their families can't afford it."

With election day now two months away, thousands are expected to either show their discontent or support of the current administration.

Colton says all the blame cannot be placed on the shoulders of one person. "But it also depends on who's in the House and who's in the Senate. And I think that we've seen over the last four years just how important those positions are as opposed to just the president. He can only do so much. I just hope and pray that whoever we put in there, I want the best person for the job to be in there is all I want. And whoever is in there I hope the Senate and the House have a meeting of minds and back away from their political uprightness and work together."