First Gentleman back with family in time for Christmas

Governor Nikki Haley and her husband talk about his return from serving in Afghanistan.

Governor Nikki Haley's husband, Michael, returned late last week from a nearly year long deployment to Afghanistan with the South Carolina National Guard.

In an exclusive interview with WPDE NewsChannel 15, he and Governor Haley talked about their separation and reunion.

Governor Haley says there were some tough times over the year. She says, "They had some dangerous times over there, and I knew of that. So every time their convoys went out, it was 'Is something going to happen? Did something happen? That was difficult.' Then birthdays are difficult, the first day of the kids going back to school was tough, when my mom got sick, all the things you rely on your partner to do, he wasn't there for."

Michael Haley's unit helped Afghan farmers improve the way they work, important work in a war-torn part of the world. The first gentleman said, "Our job was basically to change their mindset, help where we could with the technologies and advance in agriculture. Help their economy, help them get jobs."

Now that their husband, father and soldier is home, the First Family of South Carolina plans to really appreciate their time together this Christmas.

"I think this is the Christmas we will absolutely appreciate our blessings probably more than we ever have," according to Governor Haley.