FAQ about Saturday's primary election

We put the word out on our WPDE NewsChannel 15 Facebook page Friday that we would find the answers to your questions about Saturday's "First in the South" Republican Presidential Primary Election.

Polls are open from 7am-7pm Saturday. Click here to find your polling location. Click here to see all the names on the ballot. This is where you'll find updated results throughout the night as the vote totals come in.

Below are the questions from our fans so far, and the answers we found.

Mariellen asked: "Why is it on a Saturday? Aren't elections usually on a Tuesday?"

Answer: According to the head of the SCGOP, Chad Connelly, the primary has been historically held on a Saturday to allow more working people to vote.

MW asked: "Why are they keeping names on the ballots of candidates that have dropped out?"

Answer: According to Chris Whitmire, with the State Election Commission, the reason several candidates are still on the ballot, even though they're no longer running, is because the S.E.C. has not received any official notification of withdrawal from the candidates themselves, the campaigns, or the Republican Party. Whitmire did say, in the case of Huntsman and Perry, who only recently dropped out, it would be too late to change the computer database for the election.

Lori asked: "Is Stephen Colbert on the ballot?"

Answer: Stephen Colbert is not on the ballot, and the State of South Carolina does not allow write-in candidates. Colbert is holding a rally in Charleston Friday afternoon where he's encouraging people to vote for Herman Cain, who is still on the ballot, as an endorsement of Colbert.

Frank asked: "Do I need my voter registration card or will just my photo ID be accepted?"

Answer: According to Sandy Martin, with the Horry County Election Commission, you will need one of three forms of ID: voter registration card, driver's licence or an ID issued by the highway department.