Election results in for local elections on Grand Strand, in Pee Dee

Voters cast ballots in Surfside Beach

Results are in for four elections in our area Tuesday.

In Surfside Beach, nine candidates were vying for three seats on town council.

The incumbents, Beth Kohlmann and Rod Smith lost their seats on council.

With all precincts reporting, Bob Childs and David Pellegrino are the winners. The third seat is going to a runoff between Ralph Magliette and Sammy Truett.

Here are the unofficial results, which will be certified on Thursday.

*Bob Childs - 392 votes

Keith Dame - 104 votes

Sandra Eliott - 162 votes

Carrie Johnson - 84 votes

Beth Kohlmann (i) - 270 votes

r-Ralph Magliette - 298 votes

*David Pellegrino - 415 votes

Rod Smith (i) - 165 votes

r-Sammy Truett - 278 votes

In the Marlboro County town of Clio, an election was held for mayor and four town council seats.

For mayor, Joe Kinney was the overwhelming winner. Here are the results:

Robert Hastings - 10 votes

Joe Kinney - 92 votes

Hamer McRae - 14 votes

For town council, four people, Isadora Covington, Pearlie Thomas, Sr, Jackie Woods, and Samuel McCollum are the winners.

*Isadora Covington - 87 votes

*Samuel McCollum - 69 votes

Luther Thomas, Sr. - 62 votes

*Pearlie Thomas, Sr. - 85 votes

*Jackie Woods - 77 votes

Teresa Woods - 22 votes

In the Florence County town of Coward, two incumbents were reelected on Tuesday. Kenneth Sims and James Lee were the winners.

Marion County also had a school board election on Tuesday. Around 1,600 voters chose representatives for four districts. These are the unofficial results.

*For Board of Education District 1, Ritta C. Hennecy won with 367 votes to Howard Blakeney's 97 votes.

*For District 3, Levant Davis won by a landslide.

*For District 4, it is a close call. Donnie Hill received 384 votes and Linda Owens Neal got 389 votes. We're waiting to hear if there will be a recount.

*For District 5, Cynthia Vertell Brown won by a landslide.