Dozens of candidates removed from primary ballot

The South Carolina Republican and Democratic parties have submitted corrected lists of candidates who are eligible to appear on the June 12 primary ballot, as required by the SC Supreme Court this week.

State party officials have said around 200 candidates in at least 30 counties will not appear on the ballots because of missing paperwork. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of two voters from Lexington County, who filed a suit claiming those candidates failed to file statements of economic interest by the March 30 deadline, as required by law.

In Horry County, more than a dozen candidates were removed from the ballot, including five in the House District 105 race.

The list below of candidate whose names will not appear on the primary ballots was compiled by NewsChannel 15 based on lists provided by the State Election Commission and the county political parties. There's so much confusion on the part of the parties and the candidates, it's possible this list could change.

Horry County:

  • Camille Noonan (R), School Board Dist. 5

  • Keisha Kirkland (D), School Board Dist. 8

  • Levon Martin (R), School Board Dist. 11

  • Jeffrey Lee Garland (R), School Board Dist. 11

  • Cheevin Lex Gardner (R), County Council Dist. 3

  • Keith Van Winkle (R), County Council Dist. 3

  • Christopher Burroughs (R), County Council Dist. 4

  • Marvin Heyd (R), County Council Dist. 6

  • Patrick Boulter (R), County Council Dist. 9

  • Michael Ryhal (R), House District 56

  • Mary Henry (R), County Council District 3

  • Thomas Muse (R), House District 68

  • Kevin Hardee (R), House District 105

  • Mike Connett (R), House District 105

  • Bert von Herrmann (R), House District 105

  • Liz Gilland (R), House District 105

  • William Wiegand (R), House District 105

  • Dick Withington (R), House District 106 & Senate Dist. 34

Georgetown County:

  • Tammie P Avant, Clerk of Court(R)

  • Rod Stalvey, Auditor (R)

Florence County:

  • Stephen J. Wukela, Mayor (D)

  • Ed Robinson, Mayor (D)

  • Octavia Williams-Blake, Florence County Council (D)

  • George D. Jebaily, Florence County Council (D)

  • William C Bradham Jr, Florence County Council (D)

  • Phillip Hannah, Florence County Coroner (D)

  • Roger Kirby, Treasurer (D)

  • Laverne Bazen, County Council #2 (D)

  • Mary Floyd Spring, County Council #4 (D)

  • John L. Miles, County Council #5 (D)

  • James Andrew Wilson, County Council #5 (D)

Dillon County:

  • Randy Goings, County Council District #1 (D)

  • Jack Scott, County Council District #2 (D)

  • Marvin Suggs, County Council District #2 (D)

  • Michael Grice, County Council District #3 (D)

  • Douglas Pernell, Sheriff (D)

Marlboro County:

  • Carolyn A. Prince, County Council District #2(D)

  • Marlboro Terry Sheriff (R)

Darlington County:

  • Nancy Blackmon Lee County Council District #1 (R)

  • Robbin Brock County Council District #7(R)

  • Todd Tyner County Council District #7 (R)

  • Nancy Blackmon Lee House District 62 (R)

  • Nancy Blackmon Lee Senate District 29 (R)

  • Darrin Hayes, Coronor (D)

  • Frank Coefield, County Council District #3 (D)

  • Ryan Jordan, County Council District#5 (D)