Court upholds AB election decision

Judge Benjamin Culbertson on Thursday upheld a decision made by the Atlantic Beach Municipal Election Commission last November.

On November 20, 2009, the commission decided, after an eleven-hour hearing, to hold a new election for two town council seats.

Incumbent candidates Charlene Taylor and Josephine Isom lost their seats in the November 2009 town council election. The two winners were write-in candidates, Carolyn Cole and Windy Price.

Taylor and Isom, along with a third candidate, Paul Curry, filed protests questioning the residency of Cole and Price and the commission sided with Isom and Taylor citing irregularities in the election.

In December of 2009, Cole and Price appealed the election commission's decision and asked Judge Culbertson to let the election results stand.

It appears with the court's order, the town can move ahead with another election. But several Atlantic Beach town and election officials we contacted were unable to confirm any plans to do so.

Election chair Alice Graham said Friday they never decided to hold a new election. But they did decide, Graham said, that Cole and Price were not eligible to run.

We'll let you know when the town reaches a decision.