Candidates challenge ballots cast in the Pee Dee

Voters casting their ballots in the Pee Dee on Tuesday

Ballots were challenged Tuesday before the polls even closed in races in Florence and in Dillon County.

Florence City Council District Two candidate Pat Gibson Hye Moore challenged 60 absentee ballots cast in the Democratic primary. Moore questions if the ballots were signed by the actual voters.

Tuesday night, the election results showed Moore 59 votes behind incumbent Ed Robinson.

Dillon County Voter Registration and Election officials say dozens of absentee ballots were challenged in the County Council District 6 race for the Democratic primary.

Andrew "Dboy" Graves ended up 51 votes behind Robbie Coward to represent Dillon County Council District 6.

SC Election Commission Director of Public Information Chris Whitmire said local election officials will set aside all challenged ballots.

Election officials will hold a hearing on the challenged ballots Thursday morning and decide which ones will be counted. Those votes will be added to the final totals for the candidates during a certification hearing Thursday, Whitmire said.