Campaign signs vandalized in Florence County

This weekend, someone cut and tore down six of Solicitor Ed Clements' campaign signs near Ebenezer Road. His opponent, Rosemary Parham, says her signs are turning up missing.

Clements is seeking re-election as the solicitor for Florence and Marion counties. He told us, "I just think it's ridiculous. There is such a lack of integrity these days. Politics is so dirty. I would say the problem is not the candidates, it's the people that run with them or the people pulling for their side."

Parham says in the past two weeks, someone has stolen dozens of her campaign signs. "It's unfortunate that police officers are having to spend their time investigating vandalism to political signs, but our campaign is now offering a $300 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction of anyone involved in vandalizing or stealing signs."

Police are investigating complaints on both sides.