Bar shut down by the city allowed to reopen

Legends Sports bar in Bennettsville

The City of Bennettsville is allowing Legends Sports Bar on Marlboro Street to reopen under certain conditions.

City council voted last month to suspend the bar's business license for creating a nuisance after merchants and residents complained of constant trouble and violence at the bar.

The bar's owner, Rodney Dease, said he never received a complaint or citation from the city before his bar was shut down.

City council voted Thursday to give the bar a conditional reinstatement agreement with the city.

The conditions are that the bar's music and other noise not be heard by anyone standing on the sidewalk in front of the club, no one can leave the establishment with any type of drinking container, the owner has to self monitor the sound coming from his business, and the bar has to close at the hours designated by the city.

The owner's business license could be revoked if he is cited for any violations of the conditional reinstatement within a six month period.