Atlantic Beach Town Council removes election commission members at special meeting

Only 7 people showed up to the Atlantic Beach Town Council meeting Wednesday

The town council of Atlantic Beach met for a special meeting Wednesday afternoon, but some say it was held without enough notice. At the meeting, council made some changes to the town election commission.

Council removed three members of the town's election commission. They also appointed two new ones.

In a strongly worded ruling last month, the state Supreme Court said that the Atlantic Beach Election Commission had consciously decided to ignore the will of the voters when it overturned the results of a 2009 election. Following that election, the election commission gave the two council seats to the incumbents who finished third and fourth and had ruled the top two finishers were not eligible to serve.

Wednesday, town council members said the changes were to show the Supreme Court they took the ruling seriously.

Only seven people attended the meeting that started at three Wednesday afternoon. NewsChannel 15 was the only news outlet at the meeting. We were notified about the meeting by fax about 15 minutes before it started.

Mayor Pro Tem Carolyn Cole says they gave ample public notice as required by state law and the small turnout might be attributed to their agenda.

"Generally when we start to talk finance, the numbers drop off anyway if you put finance on that agenda you can count on the fact that not very many people, media included, will show-it's just, it's boring," Cole said.

After the meeting, we spoke with the people who were there. No one wanted to go on camera, but they said they either found out about the meeting last night or this afternoon from other people.

State law requires a notice of the meeting to be posted where it's to be held at least 24 hours before. Cole says a notice was posted in that time frame.

The next regularly scheduled Atlantic Beach meeting is September 12th.