Atlantic Beach election protests appealed

As expected, the decision to hold another municipal election in Atlantic Beach is being appealed.

The appeal, filed in the Horry County Court of Common Pleas, comes after the November 3 election results were overturned two weeks ago.

Two write-in candidates Carolyn Cole and Windy Price defeated incumbent candidates Charlene Taylor and Josephine Isom who lost their seats in the town council election.

Taylor and Isom along with a third candidate, Paul Curry, filed protests which questioned the residency of Cole and Price and and cited irregularities in the election process.

The election commission agreed with those protests and ordered a new election.

Cole and Price's protest is asking a judge to overturn the court's decision and let the election results stand.

No date has yet been scheduled for when such a hearing might take place.

We'll keep you posted on this developing story.