2010 Census numbers released, SC gains House seat

The US Census Bureau released its 2010 numbers Wednesday afternoon, showing that South Carolina is gaining a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The big question now is who gets that seat?

According to State Rep. Alan Clemmons, South Carolina will pick up a 7th United States congressional seat. He says what part of the state gets that representation will be determined in the state legislature.

Clemmons says he will "advocate for all of Horry County to be included as a significant part in the new 7th congressional district."

According to Clemmons the census numbers also indictate that Horry County has the population to add a 7th seat in the South Carolina State House of Representatives.

Here's a link to a map showing the population changes in South Carolina. Once you're on the map, you can move your cursor over each state and reveal the population.

From 2000 to 2010, South Carolina's population increased 15.3% to 4,625,384.

Horry County's population grew 37%, with a 2010 population of 269,291. Marion County lost population, with 33,062 people now living there. Marion County traditionally has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state. Florence County's population grew 8.8%. The City of Florence grew 22.5% and the City of Myrtle Beach grew 19.1%.

Michigan, a state facing high unemployment, was the only state in the US that lost population overall.

66.2% of South Carolina's population is white and 27.9% is black.

5.1% of South Carolina's population is of Latin or Hispanic origin. That's a 148% increase since the 2000 Census.

Going through the census data can be somewhat addicting. You'll find an interesting tidbit with every click of the mouse.

For example, there are, on average, 87 people per square mile in the US. The District of Columbia has the highest population density, with 9,856 people per square mile. Alaska has the lowest, with just one person per square mile. There are 154 people per square mile in South Carolina.

Tonight we'll be talking with US Representative Tim Scott, who represents the coastal counties of South Carolina about the addition of a House seat to South Carolina. We're also exploring how Horry County will be impacted by its 37% population growth in terms of federal dollars.

We'll have details on both those stories tonight on NewsChannel 15 at 11 and later on right here on