Woman choked while selling drinks at Senor Frog's

Charles Collins

A woman selling drinks at Senor Frog's at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach Thursday morning was assaulted by a man being kicked out of the club, according to a police report.

Myrtle Beach police officers were called to the business on Celebrity Circle around 2 am.

A security guard told officers they approached Charles Collins, 25, while he was on the dance floor and asked him to leave because he was being disorderly, according to the report. When he refused to go


the guard said he tried moving Collins outside when Collins grabbed a 22-year-old woman by the neck.

The guard said he had to "remove the offender's fingers one by one to get him to let the victim go," according to the report.

Police said the victim didn't have any visible marks, but they watched surveillance video which showed the woman being pulled a few feet as Collins had a hold of her neck.

Collins was arrested, taken to the Myrtle Beach Jail and charged with Assault and Battery.