Two arrested for trading sex for drugs

James Keeling is charge with prostitution.

Horry County police arrested two people for what they say was a drugs for sex arrangement.

They charged James Keeling, 42, with prostitution. Rachel Walker, 22, is charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Police say they were investigating a case of telephone harrassment. During the investigation, police say Keeling admitted to having sex with Walker in exchange for for 23 hydrocodone pills.

Police say Keeling told them Rachel Walker's husband, Dustin Walker, offered Keeling sex with his wife in exchange for the pills. A police report states that Keeling is prescribed the pills for a medical condition.

Police say Keeling accepted the offer and had sex with Rachel Walker in December. The police report goes on to say that Dustin Walker later asked Keeling for more hydrocodone pills, but Keeling says he refused. Keeling does admit to having sex with Walker again on January 7, but he says that time no drugs were exchanged.

Rachel Walker admits to having sex with Keeling on both occassions, but claims no drugs were exchanged.

Police say Dustin Walker alleges that Keeling offered the pills as repayment of a loan.