Teen accused of killing pregnant mom

A 14-year - old boy, accused of killing his pregnant mother and her unborn child and shooting his sister, may be tried as an adult. The boy faces double murder charges.

Deputies tell us just after 7:15 Sunday night, the teenager shot and killed his mother at this home on Cross Swamp Road, near Lamar.

They say he also shot his 12-year old sister, but police say she played dead until he left the house.

She is expected to be ok.

By the time officers arrived, 38-year - old Sherryle Terry was dead as well as her unborn child. She was eight months pregnant.

4th Circuit Solicitor Jay Hodge filed a motion to try the teen as an adult, saying, "This has to be one of the worst crimes that occurs in our society, the killing of a mother by a child , and it's not something that thankfully we see very often, and I hope we don't see anytime again real soon."

The boy is at the Department of Juvenile Justice in Columbia and will be back in Darlington on Wednesday for a hearing.

Relatives of Sherryle Terry say in recent months she has had problems with her teenage son.

They said she kicked him out of the house, but he returned this weekend. They added that the teen had recently gotten involved with a gang and his mother didn't like it.

Police say the 14-year - old was also upset about his mother's pregnancy.

Jimmy Alford is Sherryle's brother. "You just kind of roll with it . T ry to make yourself believe it . I t's hard knowing this happened in your family , " said Alford.

Alford says his sister loved her teenage son and was a good mother with a tight knit family. He says she got married two years ago and was overjoyed about her pregnancy.

"We was hoping the baby would be here by November 8th, but now , by the 8th , we'll put both of them away," said Alford.

The family says Sherryle was expecting a girl.

Darlington County Coroner Todd Hardee tells us the unborn baby was not shot but died as a direct result of the mother's death.